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Link to iOS part:

  • what is Cavy and how to write E2E tests for React Native
  • how to run Cavy tests in a build pipeline
  • how to run iOS…

What is this about

After working quite a long time (in frontend world) with React Native, I decided to try Flutter (it is never good being tied to single framework for long-time). This post will be about installation and environment of RN and Flutter.

What this is not about

This won’t be about…

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What is this about

In this article written in December 2020 I will show you techniques for integrating Zoom SDK into iOS apps built with React Native. …

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Installing packages

I needed to install

  • react-native-svg (12.0.3)
  • react-native-svg-transformer (0.14.3)

Voilà, result

Now, we can render SVGs…

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Start With React Native

The architecture of React-Native Apps. It should teach you about Core components of React Native (View, ListView, Image, ScrollView, Dimensions, Text, Touchable, Modal, WebView, Vibration…

Stefan Majiros

Senior React Native Developer (Mobile MVP Dev Agency). Working w/ AWS Amplify and Firebase. Open to remote dev projects w/ my own clients!

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