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Link to iOS part:

First step: Scaffold RN app

What is this about

What this is not about

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What is this about

Android Part

Let’s start

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  • Intro
  • Creating MyXXXPackage class
  • Creating native view component (and from XML files)
  • Rendering native view component in React Native
  • Committing fragments to the views
  • Rendering fragment's placeholder
  • Finding the ID of the view in…

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Installing packages

  • react-native-svg (12.0.3)
  • react-native-svg-transformer (0.14.3)

Voilà, result

  • Search.svg contains only XML metadata (as they were exported from Sketch)
  • ES6-import support for SVG files
  • Rendering SVGs it was React Component

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Start With React Native

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+ my personal opinions

1. Find your “WHY”

Stefan Majiros

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