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5 Lessons learned while creating a React Native app from scratch

1. Find your “WHY”

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2. Get to know your customers

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3. Find your study-guide book or course

If you still insist on video-courses, there is no need to pay for them:
Stanford offers great React Native course for free: (was there any bad course on Stanford ? )

Decent RN Book / Course should make you understand the following:

Learn on your own too, but not to level you close your mind against the new

4. Get or Make Design

After I-have-design phase

5. Development

Read the docs (and continuously)

Start with hello world

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Develop UI with Storybook first

Example of Sketch Design — what you will use to build UI with Storybook

Create your app-flows using navigation library

//screens, navigation and navigation-nesting exampleimport {  createStackNavigator,  createBottomTabNavigator} from "react-navigation";const AppBottomTab = createBottomTabNavigator({
firstTab: {
screen: Home,
navigationOptions: {
title: "Home"
secondTab: {
screen: Profile,
navigationOptions: {
title: "My Profile"
const RootStack = createStackNavigator({
errorScreen: {
screen: ErrorScreen,
navigationOptions: {
header: nullHeader,
headerLeft: null
appHome: {
// navigators nesting example
screen: AppBottomTab,
navigationOptions: {
header: nullHeader
// you should render this one
export default RootStack;

Use state-management libraries

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Add more business logic / Handle side-effects

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Few library hints:


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